Giant Lever Arm

Giant Lever Arm

California ScienCenter
The Giant Lever Arm demonstrated the physical property of leverage, whereas the effort to lift the load is reduced by the distance the effort is applied from the fulcrum, or pivot. It allows a single person to pick up a 5400 lb. Toyota Tundra pickup truck from the furthest point. In 2013 to incorporate historical significance, the lever was rehabilitated to lift a larger Toyota Tundra truck, the one that pulled the space shuttle Endeavour on its way from LAX to the museum.

Science World
A Giant Lever fabricated from repurposed parts of a crane. Visitors are invited to lift “Waste House” a 4,625 lb. sculpture created from reclaimed household waste products to show the impact of consumption.

  • Location: California ScienCenter – Los Angeles, CA
  • Location: Science World – Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
  • Lead Engineer: Matt Sellers


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